Our Materials

We’re an eco-responsible eyewear brand with eco-friendly polarized sunglasses with 100% UV lenses made in Mauritius. Since 2010, the materials we use are respectful towards our planet.


As an eco-responsible brand who is conscious of the pollution problem on our island, we wanted to be part of the solution. We have been able to use broken down and shredded PET plastic bottles, from our partner Resogreen Ltd, and inject them into eyewear. Not only is this upcycling process innovative, but it also helps to reduce waste created on our paradise island and in our oceans. It is fashion with a cause!


We worry about how our eyewear gets disposed of after being used, even if they are made from 58% of vegetal oil-based plastics. We do not want to be part of any pollution. So, we encourage our customers to return their old or damaged pairs to the nearest Helios shop, and we then offer them a discount on a new pair. These old or damaged pairs are given a second life after being broken down and re-injected into new eyewear.


Most of our collection is made from a revolutionary plastic that consists of 58% castor oil. This plastic is flexible, durable and lightweight compared to acetate frames and is eco-responsible. When one of our eyewear gets lost or is thrown away, we know that it will be more forgiving towards our environment than other plastics.

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