Together let’s make a difference

Introducing Helios One For One

Today, Helios Eyewear, as a committed brand, is taking the lead and setting up its solidarity program to help people in need, not only by giving them access to eye care but also by offering them the frames they need.

We also want to continue to do environmental education & awareness around the issue of plastic and educate the younger generation about recycling.

This fund, which may exist thanks to you customers of Helios Eyewear, will be used to finance all these actions and sponsor projects that will be in line with our values ​​and fights.

Our Partners

Thanks to our partners we will be able to provide eye exams, treatments, reading glasses and more to people in need.


The eyewear that cares

Being confronted to the harsh realities that the economy has faced with the COVID-19 crisis and as a retailing brand of plastic injected eyewear, Helios Eyewear has decided that; as a growing brand that supports its’ community; to join forces with other organizations to help those in need and create awareness on existing environmental issues (pollution, plastic use, etc).

The aim is to have a solidarity fund that will be used for the projects. Each Helios Eyewear sold in our physical and online shops will be placed in the fund.


Make a difference with every purchase you make

Every Helios Eyewear you purchase can help a person in need. A percentage of the profits generated through sales will go into the 1 for 1 solidarity fund.


Visits at Odysseo Oceanarium

The project also aims to sensitize the young generation on the importance of our seas and preserving the ecosystems from plastics.

Thanks to you and the purchases you make in our shops, we were able to take children, under the ENL Foundation, to visit the oceanarium to learn about our marine biodiversity and understand why we must preserve our environment and not pollute.


Together with EZIO Opticians, we were able to help the community

Thanks to your purchases, so far we were able to donate 8 optical glasses to people who had specific needs. These people could not afford it and their eye health was deteriorating.

It warms our hearts to see these smiles and to know that we have been able to help our small Mauritian community.

By purchasing HELIOS EYEWEAR sunglasses, you are helping to provide people in need with a better future! Every small gesture counts and together we can make a difference!


Together with the ENL Foundation, we were able to help the community

Thanks to your purchase, we were able to donate sunglasses to people who needed them in their everyday lives.

These people couldn't afford them and their eyes being exposed to UV rays over time it can cause eye problems like cataracts. It warms our hearts to see those smiles and to know that we were able to help our fellow citizens.


Les vacances Ecolos d'Ellie & Oslo​

Come and discover the first adventures of Ellie and her little brother Oslo, two young Mauritians! This educational animation will delight the youngest.

The video is complementary to the activity book and two sunglasses Ellie & Oslo (100% UV). Available only in our boutiques at Rs 1050 (glasses and notebook)!

This project is part of our "1 for 1 Giveback Program" with the goal of educating the younger generation for a greener and better future. A percentage of the profits from the sale of this collection will be donated to the solidarity fund to help our community and continue this awareness work. Let's encourage our kids to be green like Ellie & Oslo.


Join us in this initiative

We are hoping to change at least 150 lives per year in Mauritius, by catering their need for eyewear and improving their eye comfort and eyesight.