Production Process & Frame Design

We choose the best of both worlds without compromise for our products. The planet comes first, but so is quality and reliability. So we make most of our frames from Grilamid, a revolutionary plastic polymer which is eco-friendly.

We are a Factory Brand

We manufacture, control and test our products which are delivered to us directly from our factory without any intermediate transportation.

We Manufacture Qualitative Eyewear

Behind each pair there are several processes. Your Helios pair goes through many, many more than capable hands that work hard to give you a finished and qualitative eyewear. The 300+ employees of Plastinax Eyewear use their knowledge and know-how to create an eyewear that is durable, comfortable and that suits your needs.

Frame Design

Our mother company, Plastinax Eyewear, has a dedicated design and marketing team that works on proposing new designs and innovations on a weekly basis. We take design seriously, since it is the base and starting point of each pair. This is why the design process is broken down into three steps:

Conception & Design

The stage where the eyewear is designed in 2D form taking into consideration the latest trends, technologies and forecasts. The model is then presented, judged and changed to suit and be appreciated by a large panel of people.

3D Modelling

The 2D drawing is then given dimension and body in a 3D model. This model gives a better vision of the final product since the curves and edges are more realistic and shows the better sense of form. Here also, there can be modifications to have the best looking shape before prototype launching.


3Ds are formatted and implemented in a 3D printer that will deliver a tangible frame. The outcome is refined and assembled by an engineer so that the panel can judge the fit, feel and look of the pair on the face before validation and mold launching if there isn’t any modification to be done.

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