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The Grand Bay shop moves to Mapou

The Helios Eyewear shop in Chemin Vingt Pieds, Grand Bay closed its doors since Monday 10th January. But, we reopened on Friday 14th January 2022, in a new store at the Quartier des Serres in Mapou. Still in the north of the island, this new shop replaces the old store to improve on customer experience.

Why this move?

The team was immediately won over by the beautiful environment of the Quartier des Serres and its project. It is in line with the three values ​​of Helios Eyewear (Authentic . Fun . Caring)! In this region, the number of visits will surely increase. The relocation allows the brand to have an even stronger presence in the north with better visibility. Being surrounded by schools, it allows Helios Eyewear to be closer to the younger generation. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness on how to responsibly buy and dispose of plastics while consuming locally.

What’s different from the Grand Bay store?

The shop at Quartier des Serres is slightly bigger than the one in Grand Bay as the store is 35 m2. A large corner for the “eco” collection is present to emphasize on the brands eco-responsible values and innovative products. A mural painted by the Mauritian artist, Valentine Montocchio, adds character to the store putting forward the talents found within our island. The decorations and furniture highlight and put forward the local know-how of Mauritian businesses such as CutOut Ltd, Seriplus Ltee, Save a Sail and many more.

What is the Quartier des Serres and where is it?

The Quartier des Serres is located at the Domaine de Labourdonnais, about twenty minutes from Port Louis and a few kilometers from the center of Grand Bay. The Domaine de Labourdonnais is a touristic venue mainly for its castle. At the Quartier des Serres, there are restaurants, shops (including our own) , a co-working space and a multitude of other services on site.

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Helios Eyewear aims to grow along with its team while maintaining the same authenticity, passion and the level of commitment. So, the brand always innovates and evolves while keeping in mind what our customers need to provide a better shopping experience. Change can be good, and the team hopes that this will only be beneficial for the brand and its Helios family.