The Friendly Thursday movement

Mass consumption is as detrimental to the environment even though it has already become a norm within our society. We know we sell eyewear, but bear with us… With the campaign already launched, the summer collection on its’ way and the holiday season approaching, we felt that we had to deal with this excessive and unnecessary consumption habits encouraged disproportionally with events like the Black Friday. 

With an eco-consciousness, the Friendly Thursday movement rose. We setup the movement as an annual event that would be recurring each year. For 2019, the Friendly Thursday is held on the 28th November, hence one day before Black Friday. On this day we team up with other environmentally and socially responsible brands or groups like Le Rendezvous, My Pop Up Store, D&L and Fashion Revolution to encourage YOU, dear friends, to not be influenced by discounts and over consume when initially you might not.  Together we spread the message to local manufacturers and producers like Euphory Garments, Save a Sail, Kotpiale, The Kreol Republic, Let it Bee and many other ‘rad’ brands who positively accepted to join us, continue passing on the message and encourage local consumption of goods and services. 

You should know that mass consumption leads to mass production which results in highly negative industrial impacts like disgusting industrial waste (Yuck!), industrial rejects, an increase in carbon footprints for shipping goods from one country to another and the extraction of even more natural resources from a limited supply in nature, but wait up, these goods will also have a negative impact when being disposed of. Just this one day will result in the increase of all this damage and this does not help in any beneficial way to the environment or your economy. So, for the Friendly Thursday, we encourage people to open their eyes on the matter and yes, we cannot stop you from buying products but you can join the movement and be the change by at least buying sustainable products that are friendlier to the environment and are produced locally and sustainably and so at least you are not part of the increase in carbon footprints or industrial damage. 

We, Helios Eyewear will never stop to consider the planet, yep we will NEVER stop; we have only one planet and should be taking care of it. It is not a coincidence that our shops are decorated with eco-friendly materials, have environmental messages, promote that we are an eco-responsible brand or even sensitize on environmental issues, it is because we do not want to negatively be an impact to nature. We want to spread the word and be the change we want to see in others. Every small action counts, every positive change, no matter how small it is, has become crucial for the planet. Yep, our Earth is suffocating and we want to glide and rise on the seas of change and not sink and drown with the plague of pollution, mass consumption, extortion leading to exhaustion of natural resources, deforestation for more unnecessary ugly bricks of buildings and constructions, increase of carbon footprints and so many more. So stay tuned to see what else we have for you and the environment and we hope to have your support and your participation in saving our planet.