SEE FRIENDLY. SEA HAPPY. – What happens behind the scenes

Ok, so yes, we do have a lot of fun and we are pretty much a young and wild team but when it comes to the environment and our planet, we take things very seriously.

It was time to launch the new summer campaign and being a lot wiser and more aware than in our initial years (and probably crazier than before too) we knew exactly where we were headed. The campaign was going to ride the boat called sustainability and this led us to want to expand the impact we could have to a larger audience and so ‘See Friendly. Sea Happy.’ was born from the depths of the oceans. All the waste that ends up on our lands directly impacts our oceans through weather cycles and movements… glub glub glub. Being an island, we thrive on the water bodies that surround us so taking care of the land is important but it also means that at this level of harm done to our planet, our oceans are equally as important.

With the new campaign and the urge to do more, the team worked (long hours of work…) on a strategy revolving around environmental concerns. This is why our Facebook posts do not only reflect the sun loving islanders that we are but also serve as an informative platform with posts on how to be more eco-friendly and eco responsible every day but also show our followers with videos and posts that climate change IS impacting our planet and though we do not come face to face with this on our island, we cannot turn our heads the other way but be aware that what we also influence the climate and the planet every day unknowingly.

Part of the benefits were already going to reducing plastic so now was the time to have another part of the benefits directed to sustaining the oceans that help, not only to keep us cool while we go for a dip, but to regenerate air so important for life. We partnered up with Reef Conservation, an NGO that researches on the water bodies of the island, educates people on the importance of our oceans, reefs and fauna and acts towards a more sustainable Mauritius with clean-ups and so on. Pretty cool, huh? With all the information gathered, the team launched its’ new summer collection and had one ocean colored pair of polarized and 100% UV protected sunglasses per model as a limited edition with which its’ benefits would sponsor the NGO for its’ actions and research. Each limited edition is named after a beach we all run to for the summer in Mauritius and at the Helios shops you can gain knowledge about those beaches in terms of the environment.

Education is the key to change, so the more we reach people, the more we can make people realize the extent of how we have led to destroying our planet but hey, it’s not too late, now we have to make a change and be the superheroes that save our planet together.