Plant a tree and care for humanity

At the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019, we started providing frames made out handmade bamboo, injected wooden fibres and injected coconut fibres; this was just the beginning of the Green collection… From there came the initiative of ‘Plant a Tree and Care for Humanity’. 

This initiative was a response to our natural frames, stylish and trendy looking frames made of natural materials are definitely more eco-friendly at the end of their lifespan, but hey, we also knew that on the other hand we were extracting more elements from nature to do so. This was a huge blue and green dilemma for us since we do not want to be part of this destruction, deforestation and increase of air pollution (plants clean the air guys!). The project was to then plant a ‘tree’ and help in bringing back some fresh air to the ecosystem. We decided to give back to nature twice a year, but we are not alone, we do so with the children of our community, the more the merrier right? 

Planting a ‘tree’ is definitely important, but we took things one step further. If we planted a ‘tree’ just for someone else to uproot it after some time, for whatever unsustainable reason, then all of our efforts would have gone to waste.  We know one thing though, children are the voices of the future, they are future pillars of mankind, but the only type of humans we would hope they become, are the ones that grow with nature and not against it. 

We know we aren’t the Greta Thunbergs of Mauritius (giggles) but whatever knowledge we have that is worth passing on, especially if it is for the environment, should be shared! So, by having interactive talks with the children about how important conserving the environment is, what are the good habits to adapt to be able to do so but also how what we believe is waste (yes that old tomato puree can is a good example) can be transformed into something totally new or useful, and we try to show this through our upcycling workshops with them. 

We worked with community centres and can now proclaim high and loud that sustainability is not difficulty, the more we are invested, the more we are able to connect with our community, the more we are able to see that change can happen… the more gratifying it is, not to mention that all of it is a lot of fun to do.

You would probably say that this is pretty much minor in terms of impact, we totally agree, but impacting does not only mean what we do, it also means how we educate and sensitize. Every person that you can positively influence will positively influence someone else and being aware of the matter will change our habits and together our impact is a lot greater. We don’t know about you, but we are pretty much exhausted to see all the cutting down of trees and natural areas that made Mark Twain quote about the beauty of our island. We want to preserve, nurture and protect the natural environment that gives us way more to feel and see than those bricked walls and tarmac surfaced roads do, don’t you agree?