Seabob adventures

Just outside of the lagoon of Grand Baie, the Seabob team, along with Jordan Joumon, brand ambassador, await in their boat. One by one, the Seabobs – powerful underwater seatoys – are dropped into the crystal clear ocean with resounding plunks.

The group heeds the guides first on how to manoeuver the Seabobs, before launching themselves into the water too. The first underwater trip stuns the senses. Jordan, gripping the Seabob, dives in. He comes back up for air. So, this must be what it feels like to be a dolphin!

As he guns the Seabob above water, it feels like he is riding the waves. At the lightest tug and shift in body weight, the Seabob turns and dives back underwater. The Seabob is silent and does not disrupt underwater life. The driver feels in perfect harmony with the machine and the surroundings.

Jordan alternates between zipping through the water, cruising on the surface or diving and freestyling. The Seabob can go up to 40 metres underwater, ensuring safe and impressive diving.

Tired but with adrenaline still in the blood, Jordan and friends climb back onto the boat. The Seabob offers an unparalleled experience, one that proposes a rediscovery of the island through another lens.