Care for your polarized sunglasses and opticals

Helios Eyewear is certainly a brand that provides internationally recognized qualitative polarized sunglasses, 100% UV protected sunglasses and optical frames; but this does not mean that they are immune to a scratch or two. Any eyewear, from any brand has to be cared for to increase its product lifespan so that you can keep your favorite pair for years to come. Realistically, nothing lasts forever without a bit of maintenance.

There are many things you can do that do not take much time, to keep your favorite pair for a longer period of time in good condition. We know that when you have found the one, it is sometimes hard to let go of it even if it is in poor condition. So, here are a few steps that will keep your pair of polarized sunglasses and opticals bright and shiny so that it can accompany you over the years. 

1. How to wipe your sunglasses and opticals after every use

No, we are not talking about a tedious scrub and thorough inspection of your sunglasses or optical. Simply, use a microfibre cloth (or the microfibre soft pouch you get with your Helios Eyewear) and wipe your pair after each use to remove any eventual residue. This will prevent any make up, lotion, sweat or oil from the skin from affecting the coating of your pair. Some cosmetics or lotions are more aggressive than others and can wear off the coating of products. This is the same as for the sweat and oils on our face, not every body is the same and some skins and body secretions have varying pH levels. These are unfortunate unpredictable factors that can affect the varnish of your pair but with a good wipe this can be prevented.

2. Do not be fooled by products that pledge to clean sunglasses or other eyewear

Do not ever, ever use products that claim to be eyewear cleaning products. Just like above, some products are more aggressive and abrasive than others. You cannot know how your frame or lens will react to the chemicals within the product. It is not worth the risk, if it will damage your beloved accessory. Any manufacturer, like us, will know best when it comes to this; tests are done so that we, the manufacturers, can provide you with a better solution. We know that sometimes your pair can get a more greasy residue that cannot be removed completely with the microfibre cloth. In this case, you can rinse your pair with water and wipe it off. If the residue persists, a tiny bit of dish soap and water will do, then wipe the pair until it is dry

3. Swimming is great but…

Ah the sunny days call for a good swim in a pool or at the seaside. You definitely deserve the day out and a break from the busy routine. 

“Your eyewear will accompany you anywhere but it will require some care.”

Your polarized sunglasses keep your eyes protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun, your optical is stylish and lets you see clearly without any strain, but salt or chlorine water may affect your pair. 

Fear not, the solution is not a pain. Before heading home from your day of fun, a little rinse in some water and a wipe with your microfibre cloth will remove the chemicals from the pool or the salt from the seawater.

4. Say no to scratched lenses

Fine lines are never really fine especially when they are on your lenses! Scratched lenses are like that hair strand that you feel but cannot grab. However small they may be, the discomfort is present and inconvenient. Plus, we tend to strain our eyes especially when the scratches are in our field of vision and this may damage the eyesight. To prevent this, the solution is so simple and yet we still sometimes omit it. Protect your lenses by keeping your polarized sunglasses or opticals in their microfibre soft pouches or the casing provided to you and do not put your eyewear in your pockets or onto your collar. Unless the lenses are mineral glass lenses, they will get scratched as soon as they are in contact with rough surfaces or sharp edges.

5. Where have I placed my glasses?

We cannot tell you how many times we see broken eyewear just because the person forgot they left it on the sofa, couch, chair, bed (and so on) or in their bag, pocket, purse etc. and that they sat on it. Accidents happen. It has even happened to us at some point. Some frames, like Helios Eyewear, do have shape memory and are flexible, but this does not mean they cannot break. Any arc or bend has its breaking point and sitting, leaning and applying tremendous pressure on it, will push it to that point. Be wary of where you keep your eyewear, and if you know you might eventually forget, keep it safe from harm in its’ hard case.

6. Mishaps are unfortunate but repairs are the solution

As you know, accidents happen and it is nobody’s fault. Helios Eyewear provides a repair service at a minimum fee. It is always an ideal solution to get your eyewear fixed as you get to keep the pair that has accompanied you on so many adventures. Not only do you get to keep your favorite eyewear but you are not discarding a product that you can still get some use out of it and by doing so, you are being eco-responsible by extending a product’s life span which would otherwise end up as trash.

7. When everything else fails, go the green way

At some point, one has to admit that there is no more hope for their eyewear. It’s so old that it has lost shape, misses rubber parts, the color has changed, the lenses are scratched and the cost of repairs will be more expensive than buying a new pair! If this happens, go the green way and see whether your eyewear provider takes back old and broken pairs. This initiative helps in reducing plastic waste and so conserves our planet. Helios Eyewear takes back all the old or broken pairs of sunglasses and opticals to recycle them into new eyewear. Your favorite pair is given a new life and you are given a 10% discount on a new pair. As the old eyewear is being recycled, you know that the returned eyewear is being disposed of responsibly.

Let your eyewear have a wonderful and long life by adopting the above tips and tricks. It can only be advantageous in every way. You keep your favorite pair, you do not have to spend money on a new one and you are being eco-responsible and helping the planet by extending its life span. Your eyewear may be of the highest quality but it is still vulnerable to being damaged, so let Helios care for your pair of polarized sunglasses and opticals.