No to plastic waste : New PET collection

We always look for new raw materials that respect the environment, so Helios Eyewear associated itself to Reso Green Ltd. This Mauritian company breaks down PET plastic bottles into pellets for recycling or upcycling. This project raises awareness, it shows that our plastic bottle waste can become raw PET granules that will transform into beautiful pairs of sunglasses.

Thousands of plastic bottles go to waste every single month, only a small part of it goes to recycling. The team is proud to make the first Mauritian product made from PET waste that adds to our Green collection. So we want to encourage companies to see plastic waste differently, give it a second life instead of throwing it away. Now our collection, with its upcycled PET, wood and coconut fibres, recycled and upcycled Grilamid and bamboo; takes us one step closer to being sustainable.

We always ask our customers and ambassadors to return their old pair of eyewear before purchasing a new one to recycle it so that there is less plastic waste on the island.

Our island has all the resources to become a self-sustaining economy, we know and believe in it. So let’s become a circular economic model while contributing in the saving our planet together!

Every step matters no matter how small.