Meet: Missié Coco

The team went exploring this week, ending up in the South, down Rochester Falls!

Rajesh, dubbed Missié Coco, is quite the figure of the falls. He is cozily installed up there, with a bountiful stall, littered with enough to make tourists and Mauritians alike salivate: mangoes, litchis, pineapples, coconuts (of course)… you name it! If it is the season, he’ll have it.

Missié Coco has lived in the area ever since he was a child. He has known the Falls forever and has jumped down and climbed up countless of times. One must think that he likes the jumping down part so much that he is hardly deterred when one of his customers, swimming in the cool pool and under the rainbow that the shower makes, is in want of a coconut! Missié Coco leaps down, coconut in hand and delivers, right to your doorstep.

This is quite the show for tourists who usually snap away and buy their own fruits. But Mauritians haunt the area too, lovers of nature or adrenaline seekers.

Rajesh, or Missié Coco, is fond of the waterfall. Having worked for so long there, he feels at home and at peace. He respects the area “Cuma mo lakaz”. It is one of the perks of having a job on top of a popular waterfall: you get to meet new people everyday and you get to enjoy a refreshing shower after a day’s work!