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What are Helios Eyewear eco-friendly sunglasses made of?

Are you looking to actively contribute to reducing ocean waste and reduce your environmental impact when it comes to purchasing eyewear?

You’ve come to the right place! Helios Eyewear, a pioneer in sustainable eyewear frames in Mauritius island offers high-quality sunglasses to perfect your individual fashion style and help you to positively reduce your carbon footprint!

From innovative manufacturing processes to eco-responsible materials used to craft the sustainable collection, discover what the eco-friendly sunglasses from Helios Eyewear are really made of.


Grilamid is a revolutionary plastic polymer! Thanks to its high bio content made up of 58% vegetal extracts, it significantly contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions…which is truly remarkable! 80% of Helios Eyewear production consists of frames made from Grilamid. 

The manufacturing process (known as Triflex Technology) consists of layering the materials in the following order: Grilamid TR 90 Green, Griflex and Grilamid TR 90 Green, resulting in more durable frames and resistant lenses.

Recycled Eyewear

You may have seen our eco-boxes when visiting our stores across the island! If you have any broken or old eyewear (of any brand) that you wish to get rid of, then simply drop them in one of our eco-boxes. In return, we give you a discount of 15% off on a new pair of Helios Eyewear.

These old or damaged pairs are given a second life after being broken down into small chunks and re-injected into new eyewear! Our recycled eyewear is known to be more durable than organic materials and they conscientiously contribute to the island’s circular economy.

Recycled Production Plastic Waste

Islanders at heart, Helios Eyewear understands the importance and the urgency of making sustainable decisions when it comes to natural resources. These values can be seen in action where the plastic waste from the factory’s production is grinded into smaller pieces and used to inject eyewear. Although these sunglasses come in limited color options due to its origins, they undoubtedly reduce plastic waste in the production process.

Recycled PET plastic bottles

Did you know that around 5 recycled PET plastic bottles are equivalent to the creation of 1 eyewear? That is all it takes!

To make this project successful, a collaborative approach has been embraced with different local companies and individuals, helping Helios Eyewear source the PET plastic bottles in Mauritius to create a unique collection of sunglasses.

Injected wood fibers

Wood fiber is a very well-known sustainable product as they proliferate fast. Since they are cellulosic elements that are extracted from trees, there’s no need to cut down trees to make wooden sunglasses! The wood fibers are bound with resin and then injected into eyewear, making the frames aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and lightweight. No wonder they look stellar!

100% Bio-based – Cellulose Acetate

Cellulose Acetate is a bio-based polymer derived from natural resources. What makes this material so unique is that it is made from cotton linters (seed fibers) and citrate-based solvents (non-toxic bio solvent). 

What does that mean for you if you wish to buy our bio-based eyewear? Well, in addition to having a 100% bio-based frame, it also has an impressive level of 0% toxicity for the environment.

Handmade Bamboo

Celebrated for its durability and sturdiness, it is no surprise that handmade bamboo made it to our list of eco-friendly sunglasses

Although these frames share similar aspects with wood fiber, they will be your partner in crime when it comes to outdoor activities as they are designed to stand the harshest weather conditions.

Recycled Fishing Nets (COMING SOON)

Creativity is the root of our environmental and social practices. Keeping this in mind and always pushing the boundaries when it comes to finding eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, we are thrilled to partner with Nylo® – the first French recycled polyamide6 made of 100% used fishing nets. Following the same process for our recycled eyewear, the granules derived from used fishing nets will be injected into new frames. Stay tuned for more!

Tell us, which of these eco-friendly sunglasses do you fancy? Share with us in the comments below!

Written by Tasha Ayacanou-Bundhoo aka The Lovely Brunette