Jovani & his passion for fishing

The Helios crew went day tripping in the South once more…

In Le Souffleur, this tucked away beauty looking over the wild ocean, we came across Jovani, sole master of the deserted beach that day.

This L’Escalier born and bred young man comes here to fish whenever he can. “La peche li plis ki ene passion, en plus sa la plaz la extra zoli ek calm”. Yes Jovani, we heartily agree!

These waters abound in fish of all types and sizes.  Carps (carpes), kingfish (carangues), grey mullets (mulets), wrasses (vieilles) & emperor fish (capitaines) roam these waters. Jovani even tells us about his most prized catch: a shark, weighing almost 350 pounds!

Le Souffleur is one of the many niches of the island, its untamed splendor preserved and still pure, with the wild waves of the south crashing onto jutting rocks and overgrown vegetation spilling onto a coarse beach.

Nice lungful of fresh air for Helios!