What type of eyewear suits your face shape

Do you find it difficult to find the perfect eyewear for you? Well, maybe it’s because you currently do not know which type of eyewear (wayfarer, aviator, cat eye, etc.) is the best suited to your face shape (oval, round, square, etc.)! To help you out in choosing your perfect pair, below is the type of eyewear corresponding to your face shape and why.

If you have a round face shape, then the more rectangular or square shaped frames are best suited for you, like the wayfarer style. They will highlight and complement your face features.

Lucky you! This face allows you to wear any style, but it’s recommended that the eyewear should be at least as wide as the widest part of the face.

Since your face shape has more edges to it, it is better to opt for more rounded frames that will soften the edges of this face shape. Avoid frames that are rectangular with sharp edges, they will accentuate the rectangular look of the face.

For this face shape it is better to choose wide frames with soft edges to balance the edges and straight lines of the face. Opt for a larger frame that is greater in height than in width and avoid small frames.

For heart face shapes you should go for eyewear that does not have a straight top and has a wide lower edge, this will even out the proportions of the face. Raindrop-shaped frames and brow liners should be avoided as they do not complement the features of this face shape.

Rounder or more oval frames work best with your diamond face shape. The frames should not be wider than the cheekbones for balance. Stay away from rectangular frames since they are not suitable for this face shape.

For triangular faces, it is always better to opt for eyewear with raindrop shaped frames that balance the shape of the face. You can also choose rectangular frames with sharp edges since this will also complement the face shape.

Now that you are expert in choosing the perfect eyewear for any face shape, you have all the tools in hand to choose a pair for yourself or for a family member or friend. Visit our shop and if you are still unsure whether the pair will suit your face, you can always click the “try me” button to try the pair on!