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We have moved – New Helios Eyewear showroom in Moka, your authentic sunglasses and optical frame brand

The brand has grown a lot over the past 10 years. We started the adventure with our sunglasses collection in 2010 in our showroom within our factory, Plastinax Eyewear. The collection then grew to include optical frames and kids collections. Some years went by and we then branched out to the North to open a bigger showroom to be closer to our customers in 2018. Following this, Helios Eyewear extended towards Tamarin in our partner’s shop, Fishing Guru, where we got an entire corner to ourselves while building other bonds with resellers around the island.

“We welcome you as a customer ,
and you leave as part of the Helios family”

To be honest, we did not shift very far from our old Helios Eyewear factory shop in Saint Pierre. But instead of cramping our valued customers in a tiny shop, we now welcome you next door in a bigger and more modern space. The new Helios Eyewear showroom is spacious, organized, up to date, and reflects the brand’s aesthetics and atmosphere while still respecting our core values and ethics. 

Those who know the old shop will definitely see and feel the difference. Your comfort, ease of access and well-being is important to us, even if it is just by upgrading our space to appeal to you.

Is it a coincidence that the opening of our new showroom is the same day that the mothers’ day sale started? Well, no. We know that this is the event that you look out for since we go all out with our discounts going up to 60% off! 

We are so pleased to have so many of you visit us, and we did not want to make this difficult, constraining and uncomfortable for you. Not to mention that given the sanitary measures that are in place, because of the COVID crisis, we still have to maintain social distance and restrict the number of people in closed spaces. With this in mind, shifting to the bigger commercial area allows you to shop more rapidly with less waiting time and less risk while discovering our new shop interior and exterior.

Here are a few upgrades brought to the shop to make your experience in choosing the best polarized sunglasses, kids 100% UV protected sunglasses and latest trending optical frames, a better one:

  • A bigger shop space than previously to not feel as restrained
  • Organized and defined spaces so that you can search exactly what you are looking for
  • Bigger display stands so that you can see all available colors in one glance
  • A cozy seating place for the person accompanying you to have a place to sit and relax
  • A children’s corner to keep these bored angels entertained while you shop
  • A children’s corner to keep these bored angels entertained while you shop
  • More parking spaces that are visible straight away
  • An entrance directly towards the shop, no need to enter the factory premises and get lost anymore
  • A cozier and welcoming atmosphere to give you a better customer experience while you look around
  • A green space in front of the shop because we all need the fresh air and do not want you to see concrete and walls only
  • One more sales representative so that now two people can assist you and make your shopping go better and faster

Come and visit us:
Mondays to Fridays – 09h30 to 18h00
Saturdays – 09h30 to 16h00
Sundays and public holidays – Closed