Helios last trip: See Mauritius differently with Melina Le Court

This month, Helios went strolling through the Mariannes, perched on high grounds and offering a stunning view of the pineapple fields that seem to roll right to the foot of the mountains. We came across a pineapple seller, one of the inhabitants of the area, living in front of the Chateau de Villebague. Prayag owns a pineapple field and in the past, used to work there, harvesting and cultivating his pineapple plants. Nowadays, however, Prayag now sells his pineapples throughout the island. Along with pineapples, Prayag sells ginger, bananas and suran, a cambar very much sought after by Mauritians and used in all sorts of mouthwatering pickles and curries. But Prayag feels the toll of the years and would like to bequeath his know-how and millions of pineapples to his 8 kids! One thing is for sure though: the succession is guaranteed and we will keep on having delicious pineapples to savour!

We would like to thank Melina Le Court, whose photos have allowed us to travel all over the island and to meet some fascinating people.

See you soon for new adventures with Helios…