Helios Eyewear "One For One" Giveback Program consist of helping people in need by giving them access to eye care and offering them the frames they need.

What if buying a pair of Helios Eyewear could help somebody else’s future?

As human beings, we love our comfort and having the freedom to choose something for ourselves.  Let’s be honest, it is one of the BEST feelings that one can experience in life. Blessed with a pair of eyes, we often take them for granted.

Our eyes are the lights of our body allowing us to view the world around us and make beautiful memories. They help us in everything we do in our daily lives. From admiring ourselves in the mirror when wearing an irresistible outfit, contemplating breathtaking panoramic sites of our paradise island or to simply seeing the smile of our loved ones. Our eyes are the main organ of the visual system, they help us navigate through the world and cherish unforgettable memories. Maybe you have never thought about it this way, but sight is one of the most important senses and it greatly affects your quality of life now and in the future.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a pair of healthy eyes and not everyone can afford this necessity. Imagine, parents who are faced with the hard choice of putting food on the table or having to pay for an eye consultation with a specialist and invest in a good quality pair of glasses which will help preserve these little lights. Do they really have a choice?

About Helios Give-back Program

Over 12 years now, Helios Eyewear continuously grows as a local brand amongst our fellow Mauritians. We have been accompanying people to express their identity with unique pairs of glasses, while promoting eco-responsibility and putting forward the local artisanry.

In March 2022, Helios Eyewear launched an action plan called the ‘’1 for 1 GIVEBACK PROGRAM’’. This program focuses on helping people in need, especially during this harsh period where inflation is rising across the world.

The first part of the the GIVEBACK PROGRAM as the term says is to “give back” to our community. We want to lend a helping hand by catering to their needs for a reliable eyewear (polarized sunglasses, UV lenses or prescription glasses) and improving their eye comfort and eyesight.

We are already one step ahead with the humble participation of our partners: Ezio Optician, ENL Foundation, Mission Verte and Odysseo- Oceanarium. A huge thanks to them for being on-site actors, more motivated than ever. They help spread the word and add to our aim of a brighter future where equal opportunities are created for everyone, as we all deserve it.

We are a team with an eco-conscious mindset, and we believe that the generations to come will shape the planet. Hence the second part of the program that consists of raising awareness. Along with our partners, we organize awareness campaigns on the pressing issues of plastic pollution, degradation of biodiversity and the need to conserve our natural resources for a better future.

How can you help us make this program a reality?

Like for all our projects over these years, we let our hearts and passion inspire us. The goal is to change a minimum of 150 lives per year by providing optical care and sensitizing at least 1200 people every year.

The good news is that YOU can be part of this humanitarian action and you can make a difference with every purchase you make! Every Helios Eyewear you purchase will help a person in need.

Each time you buy a pair of sunglasses or optical frames at Helios Eyewear, you automatically contribute to the solidarity fund which will put one more brick to making this project a successful one. A percentage of the profits generated through sales will go into the 1 for 1 solidarity fund. Not only will you be happy to have your new pair of Helios Eyewear, but your generosity will help provide better sight for someone in need and educate people.

When you buy at Helios Eyewear, you make a difference in your community and in the conservation of the environment.  Now that you know that the biggest difference you could make in someone’s life is just one pair of Helios Eyewear away, grab yours at an affordable price to give those who need it, the same rights to marvel at the wonderful things in life!

Stay tuned and follow the evolution of our giveback program on our website. Click here to view the dedicated page: HELIOS 1 FOR 1 GIVE-BACK PROGRAM