Flying trip

Hop with Jordan Joumon, brand ambassador, onto Born to Fly’s seaplane and glide above the endless beaches of the West coast and the wild South.

The adventure begins early in the morning on La Prairie beach. Crossing fingers for clear skies, the seaplane takes off above the crystal clear waters of the lagoon. Blending with the clouds, Ludovic, the pilot, points out the interesting landmarks, such as Maconde, Le Morne Brabant etc.

The view is breathtaking and the shades of blue blend into greens. The trip offers a bird’s eye-view of the South-West of the island: from the azure palette of the Indian Ocean to the sunlit kilometres of sandy shoreline, from the hidden treasures of the National Park to the geometric patches of our sugarcane fields, the scenic diversity is breathtaking. This is a sight that is intensified when captured from the air.