Discovering the Fat Bike

Rendez vous in the private reserve of Wolmar on the west coast of the island: Jordan and friends are perched on Fatbikes and are ready to ride into the reserve. After an introductory talk from the guide – who explains how the reserve used to be part of the volcanic area of Mauritius underwater – the group sets off down sandy lanes.

The paths climb up steadily and are punctured by interesting tidbits. The group bikes up, snaking around endemic trees, bee hives, mountains of coal or around remnants of millennium old corals that were brought to the surface ages ago. The ride halts whenever herds of deer decide the gallop across the course, or upon sight of interesting wildlife, such as geese or boars.

After a quick snack comes the descent; the “hard” part is over. The group hurtles down the rocky slopes, the Fatbikes offering stability and grip. The ride is exhilarating and ends softly on a plain. The group leisurely bikes towards the finish, drinking in the view. The polarized sunglasses offer comfort and accentuate the beauty of the untouched surroundings. The trip into the wild draws to an end.