Climbing adventures

Meeting at Henrietta Bus Terminal at 09h00. Olivier Bourquin, from Otelair, is waiting for Jordan & Team. They went to the view point and saw the different heights of the waterfalls of 7 cascades.
They followed Olivier off path and stop side of the road with their car. He helped them with our equipment and they were ready to go through the bush. They had our introductory course of canyoning with the harness and the snap link and few minutes later they were up the first waterfall of 45mts.

Olivier set the security harness and they began the descent.  The water was cold and pressure of the waterfall was really harsh, but the adrenaline rush and the picturesque were worth it.

They then swam in a lake (of 30mts deep!!) to get to the other side of next waterfall. They also went through the different part of the forest, discovering the red pepper as well as other endemic trees.

The next waterfall was shorter (of 10km) but had much more water pressure therefore making it harder to get down. Some of them managed toughly to get down the waterfall. The last 6km was an optional free jump into the river. Jordan was quite fond of it.

To achieve this beautiful day with our Partner Otelair, Oliver, Jordan and the rest of the team went to Albion to climb the steep cliffs. This activity was announced as being quite harder than canyoning, but everyone’s managed to go up the cliffs.

Here’s a beautiful end to our first ‘Live New Adventures’ campaign. A Special thanks to our brand ambassador Jordan Joumon and to our partner Otelair. Catch us soon for our new adventures!