Climbing adventures

To achieve this beautiful day with our Partner Otelair, Oliver, Jordan and the rest of the team went to Albion to climb the steep cliffs. This activity was announced as being quite harder than canyoning, but everyone’s managed to go up the cliffs.

Back to the roots

Climbing the steeper slopes was tiresome after the effort made but it was worth it. They faced a natural artwork of rocky hills that met the skies and a view filled with colors so lavish that they took some time to capture the moment before heading home with a heavy heart…

Seabob adventures

Just outside of the lagoon of Grand Baie, the Seabob team, along with Jordan Joumon, brand ambassador, await in their boat. One by one, the Seabobs – powerful underwater seatoys – are dropped into the crystal clear ocean with resounding plunks.

Flying trip

Hop with Jordan Joumon, brand ambassador, onto Born to Fly’s seaplane and glide above the endless beaches of the West coast and the wild South.

Discovering the Fat Bike

Rendez vous in the private reserve of Wolmar on the west coast of the island: Jordan and friends are perched on Fatbikes and are ready to ride into the reserve. After an introductory talk from the guide – who explains how the reserve used to be part of the volcanic area of Mauritius underwater – the group sets off down sandy lanes.

Underwater adventures: Swimming with dolphins

We swam after them for an hour. As our heads splashed out of the water and we saw their tails disappear, we were once again reminded of the beauty of the ocean and that it was not first and foremost ours, but theirs. The ones that lived in it.