Back to the roots

Tamarind falls? Where is that?!

Jordan and his friends also didn’t know where that was until the name “7 Cascades” was revealed, a new place to discover after a quick introduction with their guide, Matthieu from Yanature.

They walked across a small path before descending the muddy but dense woods while Matthieu gave them several tips and tricks to prevent falling; this didn’t prevent several slides followed by a few giggles. After strolling down, a waterfall with a small lake that perched over a huge ravine was seen. The wind lifted drops of water in the air giving the illusion of smoke. The sun was warm and bright, those without their polarized sunglasses envied those whose eyes were protected from the UV and glare but still they continued their trip.

It was time to climb to the smallest waterfall, a trail that seemed easier than the last. There they met the Garra Rufa, also named the Doctor fish, but we all know these creatures as the fish in the “Fish Spa”. They plunged their hands into the water and felt the tiny puckering of the fish. After a moment of relaxation they went to the next lake, where even though they heard about the eventual eels, they found comfort diving in the pure and freezing waters.

It was then time for the final waterfall. Climbing the steeper slopes was tiresome after the effort made but it was worth it. They faced a natural artwork of rocky hills that met the skies and a view filled with colors so lavish that they took some time to capture the moment before heading home with a heavy heart…