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The Latest News

Meet: Missié Coco

The team went exploring this week, ending up in the South, down Rochester Falls!

Jovani & his passion for fishing

The Helios crew went day tripping in the South once more…

Madame Pareo

The Helios team switched track this week; we went cruising in the North this time.

Underwater adventures: Swimming with dolphins

We met up at Tamarin at the crack of dawn. Sleep was more or less gone, the thoughts of actually swimming with bottlenose dolphins much more enticing than dreams of adventures.

Discovering the Fat Bike

Rendez vous in the private reserve of Wolmar on the west coast of the island: Jordan and friends are perched on Fatbikes and are ready to ride into the reserve.

Flying trip

Hop with Jordan Joumon, brand ambassador, onto Born to Fly’s seaplane …

Seabob adventures

Just outside of the lagoon of Grand Baie, the Seabob team, along with Jordan Joumon, brand ambassador, await in their boat.

Back to the roots

Back to the Roots!

Tamarind falls? Where is that?!

Climbing adventures

Meeting at Henrietta Bus Terminal at 09h00. Olivier Bourquin, from Otelair, is waiting for Jordan & Team…

Plant a tree and care for humanity

At the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019, we started providing frames made out handmade bamboo, injected wooden fibres…

The Friendly Thursday movement

Mass consumption is as detrimental to the environment even though it has already become a norm within our society.

SEE FRIENDLY. SEA HAPPY. – What happens behind the scenes

Ok, so yes, we do have a lot of fun and we are pretty much a young and wild team but when it comes to the environment and our planet

10 years already – A brand with a new look

Cela fait 10 ans déjà qu’Hélios évolue dans le paysage Mauricien !…

No to plastic waste : New PET collection

Toujours à la recherche de nouvelles matières plus respectueuse de l’environnement…

Mo kontan li-net – The theme song of Helios Eyewear

Discover the theme song of Helios Eyewear – The only Eyewear brand made in Mauritius. Today we celebrate the 53rd year of independence for Mauritians…

What type of eyewear suits your face shape

Do you find it difficult to find the perfect eyewear for you? Well, maybe it’s because you currently do not know which type of eyewear (wayfarer, aviator, cat eye, etc.) is the best suited to your face shape (oval, round, square, etc.)! To help you out in choosing your perfect pair, below is the type of eyewear corresponding to your face shape and why.

How do polarized sunglasses work?

Living on a paradise island has its perks, but we are often constantly face to face with the tropical sunlight. The brightness and the glare affect our eyesight and causes us to strain our eyes.

Why wear Polarized Sunglasses in Winter?

You may think that since it is not sunny and hot outside, that there is no need to wear sunglasses, but that is a common misconception. Below are…

Care for your polarized sunglasses and opticals

Helios Eyewear is certainly a brand that provides internationally recognized qualitative polarized sunglasses, 100% UV protected sunglasses and optical frames; but this does not mean that they are…

The people behind Helios Eyewear

You have seen us at one point or the other, but do you really know the personalities behind Helios Eyewear? A brand that is engaged, authentic and unique…

The Green.Positive Week – No to Black Friday

As a continuum to the Friendly Thursday movement started in 2019, the team decided to take it one step further by extending it to the Green.Positive Week. The…

What if buying a pair of Helios Eyewear could help somebody else’s future?

Maybe you laughed when you read the headline, but you’ve read well! As human beings, we love our comfort and having the freedom to choose something for ourselves. …

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