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Ok, so yes, we do have a lot of fun and we are pretty much a young and wild team but when it comes to the environment and our planet

Mass consumption is as detrimental to the environment even though it has already become a norm within our society.

At the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019, we started providing frames made out handmade bamboo, injected wooden fibres…

Meeting at Henrietta Bus Terminal at 09h00. Olivier Bourquin, from Otelair, is waiting for Jordan & Team…

Back to the Roots!

Tamarind falls? Where is that?!

Just outside of the lagoon of Grand Baie, the Seabob team, along with Jordan Joumon, brand ambassador, await in their boat.

Hop with Jordan Joumon, brand ambassador, onto Born to Fly’s seaplane …

Rendez vous in the private reserve of Wolmar on the west coast of the island: Jordan and friends are perched on Fatbikes and are ready to ride into the reserve.

We met up at Tamarin at the crack of dawn. Sleep was more or less gone, the thoughts of actually swimming with bottlenose dolphins much more enticing than dreams of adventures.

The Helios team switched track this week; we went cruising in the North this time.

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